The National Nursing Assessment Service of Canada (NNAS)

The National Nursing Assessment Services of Canada approached Kobayashi + Zeitguys to help re-design and rebuild the current website to better speak to the variety of user groups that visit the site. The main objective for the new www.nnas.ca website was to investigate, determine and build a user experience interface that effectively served the primary audience of Internationally Educated Nurses seeking to register to practice nursing Canada. User Navigation Highlights One of our approaches to help international nurses discover what they…

Moshe A. Milevsky

Moshe A. Milevsky is a finance professor and thought leader at the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto. There is a plenty to learn about Moshe Milesky on his website moshemilevsky.com by exploring his Speaking Engagements & Lectures, his University & Research papers, as well as his many Books & Writings. These areas constitute the main structure of his website. The homepage presents featured cards section quickly bring the viewers to the page they are looking for. And the featured images are a thumbnail version of…

The Miller Group

In the latter part of 2017 Kobaysahi + Zeitguys completed and launched the new MillerGroup.ca website. Since that time we have branched off two sister sites for Miller Transit and Miller Waste. One of the main features of the new millergroup.ca website has been to showcase the new contact section to help illustrate the way we user experience we are providing for users looking to navigate the vast collection of Miller Group locations and subsidiaries. All locations are mapped for visitors to…

My City of Migration: myCOM

Cities of Migration: From diversity – strength Ryerson’s Cities of Migration project posed Kobayashi + Zeitguys a problem; Building Inclusive Cities is a learning platform that facilitates education around a core urban development issue in our time; Cities that aspire to a cosmopolitan reputation on the global stage need to build diversity into their winning formula. Along with efforts to sell their particular “brand” and to compete for investors, new industries or tourism, cities are investing in welcoming strategies to attract immigrant skills,…

Better Than Code

Better Than Code is focused on helping builders lower their costs for Code compliance and differentiate their brand for consumers. BetterThanCode.ca approached Kobayashi + Zeitguys to help design a simple and direct website, which we ultimately built as scrolling, 5-step discovery process for what you need to do to reach Better Than Code. Design, Computer Modelling, Permit Submission, Onsite Inspections, and the final Rating Label,is essentially the flow of the single page site. In each panel includes contact button so no matter what…


Healthydebate.ca is a vibrant, expertly curated, community-driven website aimed at fomenting active discussions by community leaders, activists, healthcare professionals, and engaged members of the Canadian public.

Toronto Public Library Foundation

The donor-centric and analytics-supported approach we crafted focuses on creating the most accessible, ergonomic and streamlined workflow to drive visitors to complete their donation transaction.

International Festival of Authors

Zeitguys was engaged to build out an entirely new, highly visual website for The Harbourfront Centre’s International Festival of Authors. Being a festival website, the content is timely and highly dynamic.

MMM Group Limited

This success of the MMM Group website was the result of a very tight collaboration with the client marketing team to completely overhaul the content, structure, organization and visual design of their existing website, while moving it to the WordPress platform.